New ‘compound’ synthetic tracking tech boosts prospects of asteroid mining

A new take on digital synthetic tracking could help space mining companies more quickly identify asteroids for mining. Asteroid mining firm TransAstra has been developing a suite of technologies that it says will enable future in-situ resource utilization (ISRU) missions. The company has received an award from NASA’s’ Tipping Point program and NIAC funding to develop some of the prospecting tech. “We’re developing new remote prospecting technologies based on something

Asteroid Institute taps York Space for low-cost asteroid tracking

The B612 Foundation’s Asteroid Institute has partnered with York Space Systems for the possible development of a low-cost, space-based asteroid tracking system. The B612 Foundation is a non-profit dedicated to asteroid-impact risk mitigation. Last year, the foundation launched the Asteroid Institute, a scientific and technical body focused on collaboration with major universities and research centers around the globe in asteroid tracking. The Asteroid Institute is tasked with creating a “dynamic