Waypoint 2 Space opens Series A for end-to-end commercial astronaut training services

Commercial space start-up Waypoint 2 Space is opening its Series A round of investment this month. The company, which launched in 2011, hopes to attract investors to support its commercial astronaut training facilities. Waypoint 2 Space CEO, Kevin Heath, was serving as business development manager at SpaceDev – now part of Sierra Nevada Corp – when he saw a market opportunity for training services to prepare non-NASA astronauts to go to space

Commercial astronaut training centers find new customers

Space tourism is still a few years away, but commercial astronaut training centers are finding new customers amid shifts in the wider, growing space economy. In the US, there are a handful of companies that are hoping to bring space tourism to the masses – or at least a larger pool of wealthy citizens. The furthest along are Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin, both of which are planning space tourism services

Stofiel Aerospace aims to unleash mobile, on-demand access to space

Stofiel Aerospace is a little company hoping to bring big innovations to the small launch market. The company, which was founded in 2015 by Air Force veteran and aerospace engineer Brian Stofiel, is building a small launch “rockoon” system, called the Boreas Launch System, which the company says will offer flexible, low-cost, and on-demand access to space. The system is still in the early phases of development, but the company

SpacePharma’s mini-labs enable microgravity research on nanosatellites

SpacePharma is expanding access to microgravity for research and development with its mGnify platform, which offers remotely-controlled, end-to-end mini labs. The labs can be used to conduct research on the ISS, in parabolic or suborbital flights, and can even attach to small satellites. The company, headquartered in Courgenay, Switzerland, is working with a number of academic and commercial partners in microgravity research on the ISS and other platforms. [caption id="attachment_1489"