Waypoint 2 Space opens Series A for end-to-end commercial astronaut training services

Commercial space start-up Waypoint 2 Space is opening its Series A round of investment this month. The company, which launched in 2011, hopes to attract investors to support its commercial astronaut training facilities. Waypoint 2 Space CEO, Kevin Heath, was serving as business development manager at SpaceDev – now part of Sierra Nevada Corp – when he saw a market opportunity for training services to prepare non-NASA astronauts to go to space

Commercial astronaut training centers find new customers

Space tourism is still a few years away, but commercial astronaut training centers are finding new customers amid shifts in the wider, growing space economy. In the US, there are a handful of companies that are hoping to bring space tourism to the masses – or at least a larger pool of wealthy citizens. The furthest along are Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin, both of which are planning space tourism services

Can space tourism break out of decades of delay?

Today, there are a handful of private companies that are hoping to make a business out of flying tourists to space. And at least three of these companies say they’ll be able to do so in 2018. But as history demonstrates, there’s no guarantee that any of these companies will keep their timelines. Space tourism has been considered on the brink of feasibility for years, and start-ups have made similar