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The Enterprise Orbit is an online news and analysis publication that provides focus across a broad spectrum of industry sectors, from communications innovations, to advanced robotics and additive manufacturing; domestic and international space policy to the relationships between those programs and the businesses they regulate; and the players that are helping establish the space economy in low Earth orbit and beyond. We understand that advances made in one sector, such as robotics and suborbital flight, impact other sectors, such as satellite maintenance and microgravity research.

Advances in spaceflight have opened up space to new industries and new market opportunities

The space industry is being re-defined by rapidly evolving technology and policy, and we know it can be hard to cut through the chatter of regurgitated press releases, media hype and marketing campaigns. The Enterprise Orbit filters the deluge of information, and puts technology advances, emerging markets and policy developments into perspective.

You don’t need to know about the next scheduled launch: you need to know how that launch affects you and your business. The Enterprise Orbit delivers exclusive research, reporting and analysis into key trends driving the formation of low Earth orbit economies.

We are the first and only commercial space trade publication covering new technologies, market opportunities and business intelligence across space industries.

Key verticals in commercial space

The Enterprise Orbit provides research and reporting on key topics related to commercial space. Our research products range from market analyses, cross-industry market opportunities, and in-depth deep dives.

Verticals we cover include:

Advanced robotics: Advanced robotics has opened new opportunities in space. Robotics-driven automation in manufacturing has enabled precision, agility and effectiveness in remote operations. Humans can now rely on robots to perform delicate tasks in space.

Additive manufacturing: The advent of additive manufacturing has introduced key efficiencies in space craft and launch vehicle production. Production cycles have been reduced from a couple of years to a couple of months to less than week, enabling increased access to space at lower prices.

Microgravity research: Microgravity research and development is transforming into a robust, well-funded sector of research, as more commercial, academic and education entities have increased access to microgravity environments. Microgravity research is being leveraged by research organizations and commercial technology vendors alike.

Space-based manufacturing: Opportunities are beginning to emerge in manufacturing of both terrestrial goods and spacecraft hardware. Fiber optic cable manufacturer Made In Space is already producing products for sale on Earth. Other near-term opportunities include satellite and spacecraft manufacturing, semiconductor fabrication and pharmaceutical production.

On-orbit service and maintenance: Reduced costs in accessing space, coupled with advances in robotics, have enabled new business models to emerge for satellite providers. Small launch providers will be able to supplement launch services with on-orbit satellite servicing and satellite-maintenance-as-a-service offerings.

Commercial opportunities in LEO: From LEO satellite broadband to commercial space platforms, new markets are emerging in low Earth orbit that will transform life on Earth and in space. We track enabling technologies, emerging markets and revenue-generating opportunities in LEO in order to deliver actionable business intel to our readers.

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Our Writers

Kendra R Chamberlain, Co-Founder and analyst

Kendra R Chamberlain
Kendra R Chamberlain

Co-founder, editor and analyst of The Enterprise Orbit, Kendra Chamberlain covers new space business and technology developments. She’s spent six years covering emerging and enabling technologies in the telecom sector. Kendra also writes about renewable energy technologies and smart infrastructure.




David S Lewis, Co-Founder

David S Lewis

After navigating several successful print start-ups through the recession, David moved to freelance work, with an emphasis on investigative work and policy.  A journalist and editor for over a dozen years, he has also consulted for cybersecurity companies, specializing in business strategies. A veteran of the U.S. Navy, he believes terrestrial unity will be enabled by increase in space exploration.




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