FOMS Inc gears up for ZBLAN fiber manufacturing on ISS

FOMS, Inc, a small business based in San Diego, California, has developed an automated fiber manufacturing process for producing a suite of next generation optical fiber in microgravity. FOMS, which is implementing its technology through NASA’s SBIR program, will see its first operational payload installed on the ISS in 2019. [caption id="attachment_2074" align="alignleft" width="356"] Dr. Dmitry Starodubov, chief scientist at FOMS Inc. Source: FOMS Inc[/caption] In-space manufacturing for Earth-based markets
Spacebit Goonhilly

Spacebit decentralizes ground station scheduling with Orbit:Linx platform

Space blockchain startup Spacebit is beta testing its decentralized ground communications system through a partnership with Goonhilly Earth Station. Spacebit has developed a scheduling platform, called LinkX, which utilizes blockchain technology and smart contracts to integrate public and private ground stations into a single platform. LinkX is the first piece of Orbit:Linkx, a wider global satellite communications ecosystem Spacebit is building with Goonhilly. The company signed an agreement with Goonhilly
Space Impulse

Space Impulse launches industry-first B2B marketplace for global supply chain

Startup Space Impulse has launched a B2B marketplace platform that it says will help to lower costs and accelerate times to orbit by streamlining supply chain integration. The platform uses blockchain technology and smart contracts to address some of the challenges of complex sourcing, procurement, and fulfillment processes that are characteristic of the slow-moving space industry. [caption id="attachment_2057" align="alignright" width="265"] Rabi Boundi, CEO of Space Impulse. Source: Space Impulse[/caption] Space
mu Space

Mu Space founder to launch $100m Venture Fund for other New Space startups

Mu Space Corp founder James Yenbamroong will establish a global venture fund for commercial space companies in 2019. Yenbamroong’s satellite company mu Space will seed the fund with an initial $100 million. Mu Space develops satellite communication technologies aimed at the IoT and smart city markets. It plans to launch its own satellite in 2020 aboard Blue Origin’s New Glenn. In July 2018, mu Space launched its first payload into
space mining

Deltion Innovations takes first step in building out space mining supply chain

Six months after NASA cancelled its lunar-bound Resource Prospector mission, mining technology provider Deltion Innovations, which was part of the team, signed an industry-first memorandum of understanding (MOU) with commercial lunar payload services firm Moon Express for future lunar mining missions. The deal comes at an interesting time for lunar-focused space companies. 2019 is shaping up to become an inflection point for commercial lunar services -- if a few key

CubeRover sets up robotic rover shop in Luxembourg

CubeRover, the robotic rover company spun off from Astrobotic earlier this year, is opening up an office in Luxembourg. CubeRover offers a small-scale standardized planetary rover platform that the company hopes will revolutionize mobile robotic access on the Moon. The company was one of three recently announced to be opening business in Luxembourg. The new headquarters will act as a one-stop shop for its customers and as a hub for

Smallsat propulsion is undergoing a revolution

New Space startups are bringing innovative in-space propulsion systems to a satellite market that’s being rapidly redefined by small satellites. Advancements in propulsion systems have given rise to a fresh class of thrusters that are smaller, more efficient, cost less and are easily scalable. “What we’re seeing right now is a reasonably large disruption in the propulsion community and in the satellite industry,” said Dr. Alex Reissner, founder and CEO
Lockheed Martin

Is there commercial demand for space beyond LEO?

Lockheed Martin is gauging interest in flying commercial payloads aboard its Orion spacecraft. The company is collecting submissions for possible payloads and conducting a market analysis to see what, if any demand there is for access to cislunar space among commercial entities. Lockheed Martin has partnered with NanoRacks to perform the study, which will serve as a first step towards “fostering a thriving commercial marketplace beyond low-Earth orbit,” the company
Moon Express

Two commercial companies sign MOU for future space mining missions

Lunar payload services firm Moon Express has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Deltion Innovations for collaboration on future lunar missions using in-situ resource utilization. The agreement is very likely the first such agreement between two commercial companies for future ISRU missions in space. “This is a very important milestone for Deltion,” CEO Dale Boucher said in a statement. “This is an opportunity to provide a more balanced suite
Accion Systems

Accion Systems raises $3m with Boeing, GettyLab

Propulsion startup Accion Systems has raised another $3 million, led be Boeing’s investment arm HorizonX Ventures, with participation from GettyLab. Boeing said the company’s miniature TILE in-space propulsion system is poised to “transform satellite capabilities in and beyond Earth’s orbit.” Accion Systems, which was founded in 2014 by two MIT graduates, has developed what it calls a tiled ionic liquid electrospray (TILE) in-space propulsion system. The tiny thrusters are no