CubeRover sets up robotic rover shop in Luxembourg

CubeRover, the robotic rover company spun off from Astrobotic earlier this year, is opening up an office in Luxembourg. CubeRover offers a small-scale standardized planetary rover platform that the company hopes will revolutionize mobile robotic access on the Moon. The company was one of three recently announced to be opening business in Luxembourg. The new headquarters will act as a one-stop shop for its customers and as a hub for
Luxembourg Space Agency

Luxembourg Space Agency is open for business

Luxembourg’s Grand Duchy announced three new commercial space companies are opening up offices in the country, as it continues to pursue leadership in commercial space. In-space manufacturing firm Made In Space, planetary rover production company CubeRover and satellite imagery and analytics firm Hydrosat are opening up offices in Luxembourg. The announcement comes just a week after the formation of the Luxembourg Space Agency (LSA), charged with promoting further economic development
lunar missions

The new era of commercial lunar missions has arrived

NOTE: This story originally appeared in the Low Down, our free weekly ebrief. Subscribe for FREE to receive our take on the latest news, enabling tech and emerging markets in the commercial space sector each week. SpaceX’s announcement September 17 of its first passenger tourist for a flyby mission to the Moon marks an important step in the evolving commercial space sector. While there are plenty of unanswered questions around

Update: SpaceIL pushes lunar lander launch to early 2019

Israel-based SpaceIL has secured a ride to space. The organization, which designed a lunar lander as part of the Google Lunar XPRIZE, will ride as a secondary payload on a SpaceX Falcon 9 sometime in early 2019, according to rideshare logistics firm Spaceflight. Spaceflight announced last week it will begin offering rideshare services to geosynchronous transfer orbit (GTO) every 12-18 months, “or as customer demand requires.”  The first such flight

Astrobotic’s lunar delivery service set to launch in 2020

Lunar logistics startup Astrobotic is hoping to become the world’s first lunar delivery service. The company, spun out of a project at Carnegie Mellon University, was launched about a decade ago in order to participate in the Google Lunar XPrize. “Our goal is to make the moon accessible to the world,” John Thornton, Astrobotic’s CEO, told The Downlink. “We are building a DHL delivery service to take payloads from all