Empower Space Alliance

Empower Space Alliance plans to redefine data transport with volume-based pricing

Three companies offering optical communications solutions for space platforms have teamed up to form the Empower Space Alliance. Xenesis, Atlas Space Operations, and Laser Light Communications will together provide standardized, interoperable space-to-ground direct optical data distribution services to customer locations worldwide, serving LEO, MEO, GEO and future cislunar and deep space markets. The Alliance will offer Xenesis-built licensable optical units ranging from 10-100 Gbps, depending on the customer needs, for

York Space Systems brings standardized satellites to the space data frontier

Editor's note: The Enterprise Orbit was formally called The Downlink. This story has not been updated to reflect the name change. The cost of launching data-gathering satellites into space is about to get a lot cheaper, if Dirk Wallinger has his way. Wallinger is CEO and co-founder of York Space Systems, a two-year old company based in Colorado that promises to radically reduce a few of the astronomically high price