Accion Systems

Accion Systems raises $3m with Boeing, GettyLab

Propulsion startup Accion Systems has raised another $3 million, led be Boeing’s investment arm HorizonX Ventures, with participation from GettyLab. Boeing said the company’s miniature TILE in-space propulsion system is poised to “transform satellite capabilities in and beyond Earth’s orbit.” Accion Systems, which was founded in 2014 by two MIT graduates, has developed what it calls a tiled ionic liquid electrospray (TILE) in-space propulsion system. The tiny thrusters are no

Boeing-backed Digital Alloys develops zero-waste metal 3D printing tech

Metal 3D printing startup Digital Alloys is just months away from shipping its first parts to customers. The company, which was founded in 2017, has developed a high-speed, multi-metal additive manufacturing system that produces metal 3D printed parts for aerospace and other industries. The company has already garnered a dozen customer orders for parts printed using its proprietary technology, and last month, it closed a $12.9 million Series B investment