CubeRover sets up robotic rover shop in Luxembourg

CubeRover, the robotic rover company spun off from Astrobotic earlier this year, is opening up an office in Luxembourg. CubeRover offers a small-scale standardized planetary rover platform that the company hopes will revolutionize mobile robotic access on the Moon. The company was one of three recently announced to be opening business in Luxembourg. The new headquarters will act as a one-stop shop for its customers and as a hub for
Luxembourg Space Agency

Luxembourg Space Agency is open for business

Luxembourg’s Grand Duchy announced three new commercial space companies are opening up offices in the country, as it continues to pursue leadership in commercial space. In-space manufacturing firm Made In Space, planetary rover production company CubeRover and satellite imagery and analytics firm Hydrosat are opening up offices in Luxembourg. The announcement comes just a week after the formation of the Luxembourg Space Agency (LSA), charged with promoting further economic development