LeoSat secures $1B worth of commercial contracts

NOTE: This story originally appeared in the Low Down, our free weekly ebrief. Subscribe to receive our take on the latest news, enabling tech and emerging markets in the commercial space sector. Low Earth orbit broadband operator LeoSat Enterprises has secured over $1 billion in pre-launch commercial contracts. In a news release, the company said the contracts are for services spanning data and mobility sectors, with customers in finance, telecommunications,

LEO broadband gains telecom backers amid fears of disruption

Incumbent telecom satellite operators are warming to the idea of low Earth orbit (LEO) constellations delivering broadband to terrestrial customers. Two of the world’s largest satellite telecom operators have now backed LeoSat’s LEO satellite broadband initiative. On 10 July, LeoSat gained a key second investor in the midst of its Series A funding round for its proposed high throughput satellite constellation. Hispasat has joined Sky Perfect’s JSAT – representing two

LEO satellite broadband will be disruptive, if successful

A new crop of non-geostationary satellites could see the emergence of a new broadband market in low Earth orbit. SpaceX, Boeing, OneWeb, LeoSat and Telesat are five would-be satellite broadband service providers that have received FCC authorization for deploying satellite broadband in the US. If successful, these providers are poised to disrupt the current satellite broadband market, and perhaps even terrestrial fixed services in some areas. Satellite broadband is by