A smallsat bubble? The promises and pitfalls of the smallsat hype

Small satellite constellations, with improved radio chips and smaller electronics, have been touted as a cost-effective solution to meet the rising demand for connectivity around the globe. Small satellites have emerged as a major force in the past few years, driving change – and disruption – within a satellite industry dominated by large, custom spacecraft and expensive launches. But veterans of the commercial space sector will do well to remember the

LEO satellite broadband will be disruptive, if successful

A new crop of non-geostationary satellites could see the emergence of a new broadband market in low Earth orbit. SpaceX, Boeing, OneWeb, LeoSat and Telesat are five would-be satellite broadband service providers that have received FCC authorization for deploying satellite broadband in the US. If successful, these providers are poised to disrupt the current satellite broadband market, and perhaps even terrestrial fixed services in some areas. Satellite broadband is by

Mu Space startup signs on as 3rd customer for Blue Origin’s New Glenn

Blue Origin has acquired its third customer for its reusable New Glenn orbital rocket. Mu Space Corp, a satellite communications provider based in Bangkok, Thailand, announced this week it has entered into an agreement with Blue Origin to use its New Glenn orbital rocket to launch a geostationary satellite. Under the agreement, the launch will take place in 2021. Start-up Mu Space announced plans to offer telecommunication services in Thailand