Spacety courts international customers after closing Series B

After closing a $22 million Series B funding round, China-based startup Spacety is now ranked as the top private space company China. The company is now courting international customers for its microsatellite and nanosatellite platforms. Spacety CEO Justin Feng Yang described Spacety as a one-stop shop for firms looking to access space on smaller satellite platforms. Spacety, which was formed in 2016, offers standardized satellite platforms that are low cost

SpacePharma’s mini-labs enable microgravity research on nanosatellites

SpacePharma is expanding access to microgravity for research and development with its mGnify platform, which offers remotely-controlled, end-to-end mini labs. The labs can be used to conduct research on the ISS, in parabolic or suborbital flights, and can even attach to small satellites. The company, headquartered in Courgenay, Switzerland, is working with a number of academic and commercial partners in microgravity research on the ISS and other platforms. [caption id="attachment_1489"